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    What do i get when i pay for my room?

    The rentals include all 4 meals, housekeeping, laundry, WiFi, electricity bills, doctor on call, and bicycle services, and access to the Shabnamstays Connect program


    We have set a curfew timing of 11 PM for every student. If the student is going to reach later than that, the parent needs to inform a day prior

    How many meals will i get in a day under the shabnamstays meals plan?

    We have a unique vegetarian meal plan for each day, covering your breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner.

    The meal plan is curated by people residing at the property through our voting system on Night Warden Notebook!

    Do i have to pay for my laundry and monthly maintenance?
    Your basic daily laundry and maintenance bills are included in the rentals that you pay. There will be no overhead charges that you need to pay.
    Can I cancel my booking?

    If you feel Shabnamstays is not the right place for you, you’re more than welcome to cancel your booking. Don’t worry, we won’t hold any grudges 🙂

    How do I get my refund? / Is the deposit refundable?

    Drop us an email at with your booking id. And we’ll take care of the rest.

    Amenities & Services

    Say I’ve paid for my room. What all do I get with it?

    Besides fully furnished rooms, we provide a long list of amenities and services. But the exact offerings vary per residence. So it’s best if you ask your sales advisor for the nitty-gritty.

    How many meals will I get in a day?

    We offer different meal plans across different residences. But what’s constant is the option for you to customize your meal as per your mood on the Our Whatsapp Chat!!

    Who will keep my room and the common areas clean?

    We have our own trained housekeeping team to keep our residences, including your room, spick, and span. Because your time is way too precious for cleaning your own room.

    Do I get to pick and choose the house amenities?

    That would be ideal. But our co-living spaces are designed for everyone who’s residing in them at any given point of time. So it’s easier for us to maintain a standard package with the basic amenities available to all. But there are some additional value added services that you can opt in and out of them via our Shabnamstays – Resident App, whenever you like.

    If I don’t use the amenities, will I be exempted from charges or availing discounts on my monthly rent?

    That’s not how it’ll work, sorry. The common amenities are for everyone who’s residing in our co-living spaces. So it’s not possible to offer resident-wise customised packages. So you might as well make the best use of the standard package we offer.

    Will I get charged for repair and maintenance services?

    Our in-house team will take care of all repairs and replacements without handing you out a bill. Though, if we find any signs of intentional damage done to our property, you will be liable to pay for the repair costs.

    Property Owners

    I own a property which could be perfect for Shabnamstays. How can I reach you?

    That’s great. We’re always on the lookout for property owners to establish new residences and create long-term relationships with us. Visit our Partner with Us page to know how you can get in touch,

    What are the different kinds of properties that can become a Shabnamstays residence?

    As long as it fits our requirements, it could be an apartment building, hotel, standalone house, under-construction or just a plot of land. Head over to our Partner with Us page for details of those requirements

    What’s the minimum period for which Shabnamstays will lease my property?

    We lease a property for a minimum 11 months For fully- furnished properties period of 9 years and non-furnished period of 10 years. Yes, we’re in it for the long haul.

    How much will I have to manage the day-to-day functioning of the residence?

    How does nothing sound? Yes, once you sign the contract with us, we take over the running of the residence. From getting residents for the property to taking care of them, we’ll do it all. All you have to do is relax.

    Will I have to bear some cost of the transformation of my property?

    The designing and execution are on us. But any civil requirements, like an additional room, or re-wiring to meet legal requirements, will have to be borne by you. Shabnamstays residents have certain expectations from us, and we wish to meet and surpass them. As we’re sure, you do as well.

    What’s the arrangement for the maintenance of the property?

    Regular maintenance and repair of regular wear-and-tear is our headache. We only need your help in case there’s work required at the structural level.