Abdussamad Ashraf

Abdus samad is an Indian entrepreneur who is a founder and CEO of Shabnamstays and Ashraf Group.

Early years

Abdus Samad was born in a political family in Katihar, Bihar.He was very good in studies since childhood, and father’s dream was that he grew up to become a doctor, so he was always kept away from home for studies.

Then due to some fiinancial problem in the family, he had to leave his studies and come back home.somehow passed 10th from bihar board, After that the family felt that he could do something, so his father sold the land and sent him to Kota for NEET preparation.

Started studying very hard, but don’t know what was written in fate, then Corona came and there was lockdown in the country.

Then had to leave studies and go back home

Start 1st Start-up

Abdus noticed that in the lockdown, the government has given permission to online food delivery startups to operate, but permission was not given to open local grocery shops,Then Abdus came up with the idea of ​​starting an online grocery delivery app, developed the app with a local developer and returned to Kota in midden of lockdown.

good start, then big apps came in the market, Lockdown also ended and the startup shut down!!

Because of this startup, he had dropped his studies, now he should do something new so that he can make a successful startup!!

Start 2nd Start-up

Later Abdus began oyotea with a few of his Freinds.Oyotea had a successful beginning but had to be shut down owing to disputes between friends.

Start 3rd Start-up Shabnamstays

Abdus had learned many things from these two startups, he was younger in age but now he wanted to do something alone,Abdus began Shabanmastays by taking Lot of Risks.

And everyone is aware of where Shabanmastays are right now!