Having trouble making hostels and PGs their Home.

It appears that someone is looking for a single dormitory room for students. Additionally, it appears that someone is not overly enthusiastic about the prospect of staying in a PG. However, we can’t really hold you responsible. Given that, let’s face it, everyone has heard negative things about PGs. like obnoxious remarks made by landlords. The room was broken into and personal items stolen.The most frequent one is losing your security deposit. We’ve compiled a list of the most typical hostel issues so you won’t have to worry about them. So that you can be vigilant while you go on your PG-hunt.

Additionally, you can avoid all of this by just abandoning the notion of staying in nearby PGs. and instead opting for top-notch coliving spaces. Now, all you have to do is slide into our DMs if you really want to find the best co-living spaces. or visit Shabnamstays.com, our website, instead Then, simply select your accommodation from among the 100+ homes spread throughout more than five cities. But whether you stay at Shabnamstays or not, you should unquestionably be aware of these potential issues. Read on and take our word for it. Because, believe us, if you walk up to your broker afterwards and complain about the PG they moved you into, they won’t listen.

Most frequent issues encountered by students staying in a PG

Students may never feel at home in PGs and hostels for the following reasons:

  • dull meals
  • Not Enough Upkeep
  • Inability to Feel Belong
  • Displeasing Landlords
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Dull meals

Rice, dal, and bhindi? for three days in a row? We believe that everyone will likely respond to it by saying “boooooooring”! It’s not just about bland food, either. Because your mother can transform even the most mundane meals into something that at the very least seems familiar. On the other hand though,While some PG chefs frequently fail to add salt, others make dals that are so liquid they might even fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. How could you possibly feel at home at that PG if you don’t relish your regular meals? Unless you recently left prison.