It is a good thing to keep everything clear from the beginning, so read it carefully, these rules

1. Details of room rent being paid by the guardian

  1. If any tenant takes admission in any hostel within 1st to 15th of the month then rent for the whole month will have to be deposited and if the tenant takes admission within 16th to 30th then half month rent will have to be deposited !!
  2. Within 1st to 5th of all the month you have to pay the rent of the current month, otherwise 100/- per day will be charged as late fine !!
  3. Security money will be equal to 1 month’s rent, which will be refunded after deducting all hostel fees after completion of time period of at least 10 months or as per consent letter of Shabnamstays.
  4. Common Maintenance Charges Rs 1000/- is charged from all the students/Tenants, which is non-refundable
  5. Parents can stay in Boys Hostel, but Night Stay in Girls Hostel is allowed only for Mother and Sister, And no male except Papa will be allowed to enter the girls hostel room.
  6. Electric charges will have to be paid in addition to the room rent.
  7. It is mandatory to speak before making the payment online and then send the proof.


  1. Under the clear policy of Easy Exit Policy, if a student takes admission in any hostel of Shabanamstay in any month and leaves the hostel within 30 days for any reason, then the security deposit taken from the student will be returned in full. After that, if a student leaves the hostel for any reason, the legal security deposit will not be refunded to the student.
  2. If anyone in the student’s family, such as parents, siblings and himself, dies in an accident, or in case of a serious illness, the student leaves the quota, then in that case the amount of legal security will be paid from them. Full payment will be made
  3. If any student / student is selected in any government, higher medical and engineering educational institution and after showing NOC or any other certified document by their coaching, the payment of security amount taken from them will be completed
  4. If any student/student is found to be in mental stress/psychological disorder/depression 4. If yes, then on the basis of weakness in the studies of the student after discussing with the coaching institute, any prior On the basis of the medical report or the report of the psychologist working in the coaching institute The student wants to leave the institution with the consent of his parents also. The security amount taken from the student will be refunded in full
  5. In case of dispute regarding Easy Exit Policy, the final decision will be of the Founder or Directors of Shabnamstays private limited which will be valid for all,

3. The terms and conditions made by our founder and some senior officials which are mandatory for all the tenants of Shabnamstays.


  1. If any tenant takes admission in any hostel within 1st to 15th of the month then rent for the whole month will have to be deposited and if the tenant takes admission within 16th to 30th then half month rent will have to be deposited !!
  2. It is mandatory for the tenant to deposit one month’s rent and one month’s rent as security money at the time of entering the hostel.
  3. Security money will be equal to the hostel rent of at least one month which will be refunded after deducting all the dues of the hostel after the termination of the rent agreement, as per the consent letter, on giving the goods of the rooms properly after the room becomes vacant as per the agreed period. will be done.
  4. The time period is minimum 10 months, if you do not like the hostel in a month and you vacate for any reason within a month then you will get your security money refund, after 1 month you will get minimum 10 months Only room can be vacated, no refund will be given for vacating the room before 10 months !!
  5. Tenant will have to pay the room rent within 1 to 5 of every month, else a late fine of Rs 100 will be charged per day from 6 to the day of depositing the rent.
  6. Electricity charges will have to be paid 12 rs/unit extra !!
  7. No male will be accepted in the girls hostel room and only mother will be accepted in the room, parents charges will be charged from 200 rupees to 300 rupees per man per day and stay in the child’s room only.
  8. If elevators, generators, air conditioning, water coolers, or GYSER are damaged, recovery may take some time, during which you will need to assist the hostel communicator!!
  9. Unusual activity in the room like use of tobacco, alcohol, gutka, and intoxicants etc. and any other type of celebration party will not be accepted under any circumstances, the decision of the fine will be taken, for this you can also get the hostel vacated ,
  10. Friends or outsiders are not accepted in the room.
  11. No mess items can be taken in tenant room, 100/items fine will be charged if any item is found.
  12. You cannot enter another tenant’s room after 10 o’clock.
  13. You have to take care of the cleanliness of the room.
  14. Any kind of health related problem will have to be informed to the warden as soon as possible.
  15. If you stay outside the hostel after 9.30 pm, then you will not be allowed to enter the hostel under without asking the parents to talk to the warden !!
  16. Hostel staff can check your room anytime.
  17. Internet Bandwidth speed will depend on the service provider and the House location. Speed will be
  18. limited per user and may be changed as per management policy.
  19. Shabnam Stays management can increase the monthly accommodation fee at its discretion,after giving due notice to the TENANT.
  20. On noticing any maintenance issues such as plumbing, wiring, etc. in your room or anywhere in the
  21. property, you are immediately requested to register an issues/complaint through our tenant app/Whatsapp
  22. Property has a minimum of 30 days notice period. In case, the TENANT wishes to leave the property,
  23. he/she has to give advance notice of 30 days
  24. In case of leaving the property on leave, it is mandatory for the tenant to inform the hostel warden
  25. Ragging in any form whatsoever is strictly prohibited and is a cognizable offence under the Indian
  26. Penal Code, 1860. All instances of ragging brought to the notice of this property’s management will be
  27. reported to the appropriate legal authorities.
  28. The TENANT must always behave in accordance with the property Anti-Harassment Policy and shall
  29. not harass any persons. Further, all tenants must respect the personal beliefs of other tenants, such
  30. that no TENANT hurts any religious sentiments, beliefs, or practices in any way whatsoever.
4. Intoxication, Betting and Gambling

  1. Shabnamstays is strictly opposed to possession, distribution and consumption of illegal substances inside the House. If any instance of such action is brought to the notice of Shabnamstays Representatives, Shabnamstays has the right to terminate the Resident Agreement and inform the parents/college authorities, accordingly.
  1. Betting and Gambling by any means is strictly prohibited in the House. In the case of any such instance, Shabnamstays has the right to immediately terminate the Resident Agreement and inform the parents/college authorities.
5. Pantry Rules

  1. Cooking of food in any area except the pantry room is strictly prohibited.
  1. Personal food items can be stored in common refrigerators. The residents should adequately label their food items. Shabnamstays will not be liable for consumption of personal food items by the other residents.
  1. The residents should ensure that the pantry area is clean after their use. All the dirty dishes should be placed in the sink, and any leftover and/or garbage must be thrown in the appropriate dustbins. The residents will be liable for damage to common utensils.
  1. If food is ordered from outside by the residents, then all leftovers and packaging materials should be disposed of in appropriate dustbins.